Arriving in Thailand

Once we have confirmed your employment with us, you can go ahead and get the visa and air ticket. You will need to check that you have all the original documents required – see the Recruitment section of the web site. We need original documents, not copies, and a class ‘B’ visa.

We will meet your flight at Suvarnabhumi airport and arrange for you to be taken by a taxi with a member of our Thai staff to a hotel or apartment for your first night which will be paid by the college. The next day we will pick you up and show you apartments recommended by current teachers at your school. You can choose a place to stay which suits you.

You will also have a chance to get to know the Thai staff and teachers at the school, arrange your bank account and shop for things you may need.

Important: You must have a degree certificate to work for King’s College and your documents must show exactly the name you have on your passport. If there is any discrepancy, you will need to let us know and you may have to get additional certification. Alternatively we can sort things out after your arrival. In the first week we also schedule opportunities to observe classes and talk with senior staff about lesson planning, the curriculum and other professional matters. There is a lot to take in initially, but a new teacher can expect good support from colleagues and from the Thai administrative staff.

There are Assistant Directors of Studies who can offer help and advice. We arrange informal observations three or four weeks after arrival and on request. A formal observation takes place towards the end of the probation period (3 months).

Our arrivals procedure is designed to help you have a comfortable transition to living and working here in Thailand. You’ll find that everyone is friendly, helpful and very supportive.

Contact for recruitment

In Thailand and Overseas: please contact Pitsamorn Kusalanont on recruitment@kingsphraram9.com