Security in Thailand

The rights and wrongs of the political issues which have fuelled the current crisis are complex and can only be solved by the Thai people. The chaos caused by the various factions has affected local people, foreign residents and visitors and has resulted in justifiable concerns about safety, domestic travel and the security of the Thai international airports.

The scenes of street mayhem which have been front page news in the past raised concerns that living and working in Bangkok has become dangerous. The reality is that most locals and foreign residents are more concerned about the inconvenience the street and airport protests have caused than for their safety.

Foreign residents here were appalled by the scenes we saw on CNN and the BBC. Knowing something of the political background, we may have more sympathy for one faction than for another. In personal terms we are irritated and frustrated by the delays, but no more fearful than residents of London were during the Olympic Torch or G20 protests. We go about our daily routines and get mad at traffic jams whether caused by overcrowded roads, rain, New Year celebrations or political protests.

Bangkok remains a very safe city. I would rather be here on a Friday night at pub closing time than outside the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne.

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